Jazz Junctions – Jazz on the Record

“Guy Barker explores the history of jazz, focusing on the turning points and pivotal events that have shaped the genre, and discovering some great stories and larger-than-life characters along the way….

Part one, Jazz on the Record, begins in February 1917, with the release of the first jazz record: Livery Stable Blues by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, led by cornettist Nick LaRocca. Hitherto, jazz had been played on the streets and in the clubs, but only by those who were there to witness it. Recording the music meant that it could be listened to again and again by people all over the world, and most importantly, the music could be studied and imitated. The journey had begun.

But was it that simple? Why was the first record of a black music by a white group? Were they really the first? Was it even jazz? Why has this first great moment in jazz’s history caused so much controversy over the years? Leading UK jazz trumpeter Guy Barker travels back to 1910s New Orleans to try to unravel the circumstances surrounding the birth of recorded jazz. The programme features interviews with Dick Hyman, Jimmy LaRocca, Ted Gioia and Scott Yanow; plus archive of Jelly Roll Morton and Nick LaRocca himself.”


Available until 11:02pm Wed, 13 Oct 2010


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