Todd Yannaconne and Naomi Uyama

Karen Turman has another great post about the evolution of Lindy Hop on Wandering & Pondering. Writing about ULHS 2005 Karen says:

There were so many epic moments this year, and I think a lot of that is due to Todd Yannaconne and Naomi Uyama teaming up, along with the Silver Shadows making their debut with Frida and Todd  in the mix.  Todd and Naomi brought everyone to their feet in the fast division, then the premier fast competition, by doing really intricate footwork and Charleston variations to the Wolverine’s ridiculously fast “White Heat”—and they even danced on the beat.

Here’s the clip:

I had forgotten how totally mesmerising this clip of Todd and Naomi is. I have a hard time watching the dance as a whole because I can’t take my eyes off their feet and how fast they are moving. That must have been the most amazing event to be at.

Here are three more of my favourite Todd and Naomi clips:

Todd and Naomi from ULHS 2005

I love Naomi’s first swing out variation at 0.18 and the reaction it gets from the crowd. I’m less keen on what Naomi does with her head/body at 1.28 and 1.29, it really emphasizes the music and the movement but I don’t like the overall effect. See Swungover and The Rantings of a Lindy Hopper for more comments about this great performance.

Todd and Naomi in St. Petersburg on 15-16 sept 2007

This clip is from a class from St Petersburg.  See 0.45 – Shorty George at the start of a swing out !?!  Love it. If I wasn’t so hopeless at doing Shorty George’s I would definitely give this a try because I know it would completely surprise (and probably freak out) a couple of my regular dance partners.

Todd Yannacone and Naomi Uyama from Lindyfest 2007

I’ve included this clip because you can really see how much they are enjoying dancing together. I like how relaxed they are and I love the bit at 0.13 where they both start playing with their feet.


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