Link love: Musicality, 7 Secrets of Super Performers, Choices, engaging your core, Black Belt Lindy Hop

Various things that I have read recently and enjoyed or got something out of:

“Musicality”: what is it and can you define it?

From a ballet forum of all places! Ballet dancing and musicality aren’t two things that I would have immediately put together, the choreography is extremely musical but, in my stereotyped view, ballet dancers always seems so precise and controlled there is little room for musicality. There’s lots in this post that applies to all forms of dance including the lovely analogy:

“He encourages dancers by telling them to “sing with their bodies.””

7 Secrets of Super Performers (Improving Your Performance Skills)

This post interested me simply because I attended a Lindy competition recently and there were a number of performers who could have done with following a few of these tips. If you don’t look like you are enjoying performing your routine what makes you think I am going to enjoy watching it?

Too Many Choices

Every (?) aspect of being a lindy hop follower is about choice although most of what we do is habit and in my case not particularly good habit!

“I live in the middle of all possible options, so that I can easily move in any direction at any time”

This is something most of us aspire to but very little is written about what that means and how you might achieve this freedom of movement.

Black Belt Lindy Hop

John White’s blog about Lindy Hop contains some interesting posts.

What Does That Even Mean?

Glad I’m not the only one who has puzzled about how to engage one’s core! For most of last year I was doing core exercises fairly religiously 2 or 3 times a week. I could hold a plank for almost 2 minutes and do various other crazy things. However I’ve given up on them recently in response to a question from someone I respect about what I needed those muscles for (I don’t do aerials)? Good question for which the most sensible answer I could come up with was that I needed a strong core to support my back. The more I thought about this the more I thought what a weird thing this was to think – backs are designed to support themselves. Having been shown various ways to stabilise my core including a technique that involves breathing out, I am really none the wiser about the best way to engage my core whilst dancing, or even why I need to engage my core – perhaps I need a private with Laura Keat too!


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2 responses to “Link love: Musicality, 7 Secrets of Super Performers, Choices, engaging your core, Black Belt Lindy Hop”

  1. Nichelle says :

    Thanks for the shout out on the 7 secrets article! Oddly enough, I thought for a moment that all of these came from my site, as the titles are all very similar to other articles found there…

    Musicality in Dance: What is it and can it be taught? (which also links to some tips on building musical awareness in students)

    There’s also What is my core or center? and this one, though it focuses on the abdobminal “crunch” has a whole section about activating your core from the pelvic floor.

    Anyway, just thought that was kind of wild and that you might be interested in more on those subjects. Dance Advantage is focused on concert dance but I’ve been told that many of the articles work for other dance forms as well! Happy to find your blog and thanks again for the mention!

  2. superheidi says :

    How about the core business meanwhile? 🙂 I ripped my calf muscle weeks ago and I think I am finally getting a notion of the matter due to my restricted walking ability.

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