Savoy kicks swing out variation – Jean Ma and Bromley Palamountain

Jean Ma and Bromley Palamountain demo a Savoy kicks swing out variation in a 9:20 Special class.

One day I will get over my Savoy Kick mental block, here are some more Savoy kick lessons:

Hep Ken teaching at Lindy in the Park… 5,6,7 replace, hop, tap… :

Andrew Sutton demos Savoy Kicks on

A breakdown of the step by Bernd Baumgarten

3 Kick fwd with left foot.
Kick low, leg extended, but don’t point with toes. Right after, relax left knee.
As in ordinary walking, arms swing “against” the feet, i.e. here: right arm forward, left
arm back.
4 Step forward with left foot.
5 Kick across with right foot.
Kick higher than on 3, swinging extended leg up and left. Don’t point with toes.
Left arm swings up and across your chest; right arm swings back, maybe even slightly
around behind your body.
6 Let extended right leg swing down past right side.
7 Continuing smoothly, swing extended right leg diagonally back.
Don’t point with toes. Right arm swings forward; left arm swings back.
8 Swinging right leg towards left leg from behind, jump onto right foot on 8, which you
put right where your left foot was standing.
& Hop a few inches forward on your right foot, turning body 1/8 turn (45 degrees) right.
1 Bend right knee. Lower body. Tap toes of left foot diagonally back onto the floor.
Left arm, elbow bent, swings forward; left arm swings back. Crouch a bit.
2 Letting body move up to normal, flick left leg, i.e. raise lower leg to the rear.
Turn body 1/8 turn (45 degrees) to the left, such that you face original direction again.

Another version of a Savoy kick swing out:

Savoy kicks in side by side Charleston:

Savoy kicks in the Dean Collins Shim Sham:


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2 responses to “Savoy kicks swing out variation – Jean Ma and Bromley Palamountain”

  1. Snookie says :

    I imagine most people think that Savoy kicks are named for the Savoy Ballroom, but they’re actually named for Hal Takier, who used the stage name Hal Savoy. I’ve got a clip of Marge and him doing them, but I can’t find it on YouTube to post a link here. 😦

    The toe tap should actually come on 2 or slightly before, but not on 1 – I’m surprised to see it being taught that way. If you try to force the tap on 1, you’re rushing that big leg sweep and then have time to kill on beat 2…the flow gets lost.

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