Thomas Blacharz and Alice Mei dancing in Berlin

Thomas Blacharz and Alice Mei social dancing at the Superheros Workshop in Berlin. (Hat tip: The Lindy Roll)

I really love to watch the way this couple interact with each other, so many cute moments. I like watching how Alice watches, makes eye contact and responds to her partner (especially around 0.33) It’s one of those things that I like watching in social dance which tends to get a bit lost in performances when both partners know what’s going to happen.

Compare this to a class performance which I just happened to be watching where the dancers don’t make eye contact at the beginning.

Eye contact makes such a difference to the way a dance looks. (I know this a deeply unfair comparison for all sorts of reasons but I just happened to watch one video and the other and the difference really struck me). Must remember to look at my partner more!


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