Dax Hock’s triple step drill sequence

Lots of people have blogged about this and you can find other people’s posts here and here. So for my benefit…

Dax’s version:

Dax and Alice doing the drills together:

Here’s a version performed by Joe Demers for Charleston Chasers. Denver, CO.

A different version with Ali & Katja:

Does the original version of Dax doing this exercise still exist? I remember seeing it on idance (on YouTube) years ago but I haven’t been able to find it again.


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One response to “Dax Hock’s triple step drill sequence”

  1. Roland says :

    I assume the version that was filmed at Herrang, which is most likely the one you mean is possibly on rhythm juice. I have been looking for it this week. Thanks for posting these all here. I am totally lovin the copenhagen workshop. Think that is really gonna improve my dancing.

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