More post workshop reflections – habit and choice

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post. I’ve been reflecting on how my dancing has changed post workshop and it will probably come as no surprise that it hasn’t really changed at all.

My “habit” is to copy my leader’s variations and body movement. Sometimes these variations/movements are lead but on the whole most local dancers have a loose enough lead (Thom’s term, see comments) for me to add my own ending to a swing out and, with more experienced leads, probably do my own independent jazz steps for the next 8 counts should I want to do that.

This is something of a revelation; the leaders I commonly dance with aren’t leading as much as I thought they were. I am choosing to do the same variations as a leader but this choice has become so subconscious that I think I am interpreting my choice as a lead.

If I want to put more of “me” into my dancing then I need to break this habit! It’s going to be an interesting process…


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