Lost mojo – seeking inspiration

Blog posts have been a bit thin on the ground recently because I have most definitely lost my dancing mojo. Lots of reasons:

  • Frustration with the flaws in my dancing
  • Fatigue from doing the same thing week after week for many years
  • Favourite dance partners not dancing so much
  • Not as much live music to dance to
  • Really poor DJing from experienced DJs (including one dance which finished early because everyone left to the go the pub due to the most uninspiring dance music I have ever heard played at a dance – never seen this happen before!)
  • Shoulder niggles which mean that I am constantly worried about getting my arm yanked
  • Listening to leaders rave about other people’s following whilst knowing they don’t say the same about me
  • Closure of venues
  • Dodgy dance camps that haven’t been quite what I signed up for/levels way off
  • Seeing people who haven’t been dancing that long sign up for super-duper advanced levels at camps and knowing that I definitely don’t belong in those levels and don’t have the balls to fake it
  • Not wanting to partake in the vintage scene which means self-exclusion from many dances.
  • Busy time at work

Have tried taking a break, tried new dances, have read Frankie’s book again, have watched the ILHC clips and tried dance camps but to no avail. Perhaps I should try reading the book Tap and Jazz? Seemed to work for Agent A. In reality I think I’m just not happy with me and until that changes I don’t the dancing mojo is going to return.

Anyway, for those who like the video clips, here’s something inspirational and a little bit crazy, Heidi Salerno in her Guinness World Record attempt for most number of Bal-Swing turns in a minute!



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6 responses to “Lost mojo – seeking inspiration”

  1. Bonnie says :

    Maybe try out more exchanges? I find they’re much more fun than workshops, and much more low key. I felt exactly like this when I did 2 workshop weekends in a row, but a blues exchange fixed me right up!

    • sleepingglitter says :

      Thanks for the suggestion. I tried a couple of exchanges – Amsterdam Lindy Exchange is a totally and utterly amazing and fantastic experience – they didn’t improve my dancing mojo. I’m not feeling super confident about myself or my dancing so doing the whole competing with other follows to get a dance with a leader is a complete turn off right now.

  2. Lindyspice says :

    One thing that I’ll do when I’m feeling crap about my dancing is spend a little time geeking out over the music and historical context of our dance. I seek out different recordings of favorite songs, different albums by artists I like, different bands under the same label, etc. and just listen to them without dancing. I sometimes try to imagine how different dancers would move to the same song (e.g., What Would Frida Do? vs. What Would Naomi Do?). In recent years, I’ve also developed a fondness for biographies, novels and movies about life in the 1910s-1940s; I find it interesting to think about where the dances came from, and how the social/political culture of the original swing generations compares to ours.

    Out of curiosity (and my own need for different ‘refresh’ techniques!), which other dances did you experiment with? Personally, I’ve found that a little Hustle never fails to make me laugh and remember to relax and have fun…

    Hope you find something that speaks to you, and helps you rediscover your mojo. 🙂

  3. dogpossum says :

    Try leading (if you don’t already). It’s like starting again from the beginning. And you opt out of the competing-for-leads thing, which makes you feel much greater about the dancing.

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