Is it ok to smuggle drinks into a club which has a perfectly decent bar which is not too over-priced?

There’s a good discussion on the Swing Dancers of London page about buying drinks at dance venues. I am 100% with the “if you’re attending a dance in club or bar expect to buy drinks” camp.

I dislike the measures some promoters now have to take, like searching bags before you go into a club (it makes me feel like a criminal) and jacking up entry costs to include drinks tokens in the cost of entry (what a faff at the bar) to try to keep venues going.

The London scene is huge and there is usually more than one dance on every night, if you don’t want to buy drinks then go to one of the events held in a synagogue or church hall where you get free tap water in a plastic cup with your name written on it or where you can bring your own booze. If you want to dance in more interesting venue that serves alcohol/soft drinks then expect to buy drinks.

Confession: I am not whiter than white on this issue and I might have taken some water into the 100 Club once or twice but I always bought a number of drinks there as well.


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