Dancer injuries – Lisa Howell’s project

Lisa Howell who runs the The Ballet Blog has sent round a message about dancer injuries and is trying to collect stories. Her project is aimed at ballet dancers but I can’t help thinking that Lindy Hop has just as big a skeleton in the closet relating to dance injuries.

On-going knee injuries seem to be pretty common. There are plenty of people out there with shoulder injuries that won’t completely heal. I’ve known one person who needed foot surgery due to years of dancing in unsuitable shoes. There are a fair number of damaged backs out there due to aerials gone wrong or the unexpected follower dip and I think most of us bear the scars of being caught by a beginners’ stiletto or having our feet stamped on.

If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably got past the stage where you dance once a week, you are into serious dance addiction territory and will probably dance through any niggle and won’t take a dancing break until you physically unable to walk. Believe me, as you start getting older Dawn Hampton’s advice to wear stockings over your shoes to stop them sticking suddenly makes a lot more sense and that open air dance on concrete starts to look a lot less appealing when you begin to associate it with joint pain.


I have just started a little campaign to get the Skeleton Out Of The Closet – to expose the Elephant In The Room – on dancers injuries… and I Need Your Help!

You see I have been working on an awesome new ideas around injury prevention, treatment and recovery… And the deeper I have delved into it… And the more people I have talked to about it… The angrier I have become…

So may dancers have struggled for years with an injury that hinders their dancing, and have been told by doctors…

“You’re a ballet dancer, of course you’re going to hurt!” or… “Every Dancer has Bunion Pain”

And I simply dont think that this is acceptable.

I have posted a video and article HERE [1] about my little project – so please take a look! And remember to Like it to share with your friends!

The feedback I have been getting already has been amazing…

Lots of Dancers and Dance Teachers report that many Dr’s & PT’s are unfamiliar w/ dance medicine & think that dancers are just crazy to subject our bodies to this art form. More often than not, they seem unwilling to help me find a solution or proper treatments for injuries. Dancers are often ignored & brushed aside by the same Dr’s who treat athletes w/ their utmost attention & care.

Thankfully, there is a growing body of great therapists, both physical therapists, Sports Doctors, Orthopaedic Specialists, and Dance Teachers who have a passionate interest in Dance and the injuries that dancer get. But sadly – these wonderful people are scattered all over the globe, and it seems to take a long time for the current ideas in Dance Medicine to reach those that need it most!

So… Its time to let the cat out of the bag. I want us to start talking about INJURY – publicly and honestly. Its the only way we can start healing and changing the dance culture once and for all.

So what do I want?

Simple. I want you to start posting information about the injuries you’re suffering from, or have ever suffered from…

You can email them to me, or post your story to our Facebook Page at: [2]

Please tell me your stories – all of them. Stories of injuries that haven’t healed… Or those that you have been told to dance through… or performances that you have missed due to injury…

To give you all the details I created a little video… Make sure you watch it now… [3]

You can even leave me a video response right there on You Tube…

Also – To give you a little kick so you will be motivated ..I am going to pick 5 people from the respondents to set up a live video converence call to interview and work with you on the injury and share my ideas moving forward….

Please get involved… Lets help each other get healthy and perform better!

Talk soon!

 Perfect Form Physiotherapy, Suite 904, 121 Walker St, North Sydney, 02


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