Boogie forwards

I love the contrast in body movement between these two videos. Compare the freedom of movement and craziness in the first video to a more traditional boogie forward step in the second video (2.05).

(Videos via Lindy Hop Moves)

Here are some more styles of boogie forwards from you tube:

Mandi Gould

Daniel Newsome & Tiffiny Wine

Jojo Jackson

Lennart and Jenny (1.08)

Hep Jen (2.00)


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One response to “Boogie forwards”

  1. dogpossum says :

    God, I’m obsessed with boogie forwards. Especially snake boogies. I LOVE THEM THEY ARE SO FLUFFY!!!
    My total favourite is Al Minns doing boogie forward/snake boogie, and then I love Lennart doing his scarily-like-Al boogie forward/snake boogie.

    I want to collect all the boogies. Gonna need a bigger hanky.

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