Notes to self: the missing step

I couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong in class the other night – I knew I was ending up on the wrong foot at the end of the variation most of the time but it has taken me forever to work this out.

“Hold ball change”
is really quite different (in my mind at least) to “Hold, step down, then ball change”!

Sounds strange but when the teacher wasn’t saying anything and I could follow their feet I got the variation, as soon as they vocalized the steps I was totally lost and for once I wasn’t the only one!

I am really quite shocked at how long it took me to work this out!


2 responses to “Notes to self: the missing step”

  1. Beth says :

    “Ball-change” is just another way of saying “step-step”. 2 steps. “Hold-ball-change” (and “kick-ball-change”) still only has 2 steps. Sounds like the instructors were leaving out a step in their instructions! Glad you worked it out – that can be so frustrating!

    • sleepingglitter says :

      Yes, I think the teacher was just trying to emphasize the ball change part of the variation but I couldn’t separate what I was hearing from what I was seeing. Drove me crazy trying to work out what I was doing wrong after the class and it was the simplest of things!

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