Link love – frame, cartwheels, Leading ladies, Lindy blogger’s dozen

An end of year Bug’s Question of the Day is: “What is frame? From where on your body does it originate? What are good tactics for teaching frame?” Some great comments especially from Damon Stone. Whenever I hear frame used within a dance context I immediately think of Dirty Dancing and the spaghetti arms bit:

I’m with Sam, I think frame is a tricky concept to convey and as soon as frame is mentioned people turn into rigid door frames.

Leading ladies

“Welcome to a little film that sets out to kick ball change the world one step at a time.” Ok, so it’s not the greatest film ever, but it is an enjoyable bit of nonsense. It’s got a bit of swing dancing in it, plenty of ballroom dancing but the film is about one leading lady which makes it special.

Jack’ing in the J&J
Staying on the topic of leading ladies, this is a great post by Sarah about competing as a lead in a Jack and Jill contest and the differences between leading and following in a competition.

Dancing for the joy of it
(via Dancer Confessions blog)

Rik doing cartwheels
All I can say is cool! One of my best moments of 2011 was when my hip hop teacher complimented me on my bent leg  cartwheels. When I first tried I really had no idea what I was doing and it was a disaster but I kept trying and a year later I have more or less got them nailed (on the right hand side at least). Here’s Rik cartwheeling.

The Lindy Blogger’s Dozen
Another highlight of my year was being branded one of The Lindy Blogger’s Dozen by Jerry Almonte! Who would have thought that what started as a scrapbook of places to record variations would end up being listed in the same company as Swungover and Yehoodi!




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3 responses to “Link love – frame, cartwheels, Leading ladies, Lindy blogger’s dozen”

  1. sleepingglitter says :

    Sarah Kayacomesin has put together a neat Lindy Hop Role Switching playlist on YouTube:

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