Dancing highlight of 2011 and dancing aims for 2012

Like pretty much everyone else I wrote an end of year review but it was so negative (2011 was a difficult dancing year for me) that I decided to ditch the post and start the year with something more positive.

Highlight of 2011

My highlight of 2011 was attending Bobby and Kate’s Balboa dance at Glen Echo Park. It was such a great experience, the dancers were friendly and happy to dance with a stranger and Bobby went out of his way to make me feel welcome. I wish I could say my dances with Bobby were heavenly but I was so nervous I hardly remember them! Sharing a cab back into town with some random chap who stopped his taxi to see if I was ok trying whilst trying to find a bus stop in the dark reminded me how friendly and different Americans can be from the English. It’s a memory I will cherish.

2012 aims

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions and my working life is so full of targets, project plans and SMART objectives that I shy away from them in my non-work life but I do have some dancing related aims for 2012:

  1. Take more classes or a workshop as a beginner lead and start socially dancing as a leader because I am fed up of not being able to lead
  2. Go to some more Feldenkrais group sessions to explore movement in my injured, but now mostly healed, but very inflexible right shoulder
  3. Take a tap dancing taster lesson because I fancy having a go at tap dancing just the once
  4. Continue with my Alexander Technique lessons because until I can feel balance and poise in my own body I am going to dislike how my dancing feels and how my poor posture makes me look
  5. Try dancing at some new venues because my usual dancing spots are feeling a little bit stale and I think a change will do me good
  6. Continue with my yoga classes because I love the freedom of movement I feel dancing after I have been to a yoga class
  7. Learn more about the history of jazz dancing in the UK because I want a better understanding of the people who danced, the music they listened to and where their inspiration came from. I’m interested in the ballroom dancing that was done to jazz music in the 20s and 30s, the swing dancing that American soldiers brought over, the 50s Trad Jazz scene, the original rock and roll dancers and so on
  8. Find a way to make Lindy Hop dancing fun for me again!

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