Hyun Jung Choi – Flexible following

I am being hopelessly behind the times by posting something about the Tri-Swing Tournament but I am still impressed by this clip. The part of this video that really caught my eye was the follow in the red dress with the flowers on it (update: Hyun Jung Choi) at 1.28.

I love the freedom of expression and the way she kicks her legs up but I am also impressed by her flexibility. I watched this clip and thought hey that’s cool and in a quiet solitary moment had a little go myself and thought, wow, that’s actually really hard to do, my legs don’t go anywhere near that high. I felt rather old and forlorn about my lack of flexibility until I went back to my beginner’s yoga class. The class was full of New Year’s resolution people many of whom were at least ten years younger than me and who couldn’t touch their toes (I know, I know, you’re not supposed to compare yourself to others) but it made me feel inspired. Bugger getting old, one day I will be able to do that!


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2 responses to “Hyun Jung Choi – Flexible following”

  1. abinikai says :

    That follow is Hyun Jung Choi. She’s dancing with Soochan Lee. I love watching them dance more than I can express — they’re both so full of expression in their dancing.

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