Rhythm tap

One of my aims for 2012 was to take a tap dancing lesson. So far I’ve made it to three absolute beginner lessons and I have absolutely loved them!

A couple of lessons in and tap has already changed the way I think about Lindy Hop. This might sound strange but when I think about rhythms in Lindy Hop I think of visual patterns (like swinging a swivel variation) or movement patterns (step, step, triple step). I have never thought of my body as something that could make a noise to pick out a rhythm (these dance styles are alien to me).

At the end of my first class we were asked to improvise to some jazz music and I fell back into familiar jazz dance territory and moved by body as well as my feet. It took me a few goes to think about keeping my body still(ish) and using just my feet to make different sounds. The shim sham has taken on a whole new meaning for me – no longer is it a rather dull thing  that I dance somewhat half heartedly – it’s a couple of minutes when I think about the rhythm my feet are making.

Unfortunately limited time and resources mean that tap is going to have to remain something that I occasionally dip in and out of but it’s been great fun so far.


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2 responses to “Rhythm tap”

  1. LadyD says :

    I have the aim of at least trying tap dance once…Just to see how it compares to the other styles of ‘step’ dance I’ve tried. I am sorta self taught when it comes to clog stepping, and I’ve tried an east anglian stepdance workshop before. (I’ve also got aim to try irish, appellation and flatfooting at some point too).

  2. LadyD says :

    the video you linked to reminds me of the demon barber roadshow

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