Stream of consciousness Ceroc?

My lindy mojo still hasn’t really returned but I am starting to enjoy dancing “Lindy Hop” again. I received a lovely compliment recently, something along the lines of ‘Thank you, that was fantastic, you’ve given me a huge confidence boost and I feel ok to ask other people to dance now’.

Aw, my heart melted and you can guarantee I will be asking this chap to dance again.  I am not exactly sure how you would describe our dances together but it certainly wasn’t Lindy Hop. Stream of consciousness Ceroc might give you an idea. It was a hugely uncool dance, we did some weird pretzel type moves, but it was an enormous amount of fun to just go with the flow.

The London Lindy scene is extremely varied and the different dances tend to have different flavours. At many venues there is very little Lindy and an awful lot of Ceroc, Charleston, Jive, Rock and Roll, Blues, Tango, ballroom and general randomness. This means you can dance every night and pick a venue that suits your outlook on life but it also means that most of the time you probably aren’t going to be dancing swing outs/lindy hop.

I seem to be having a lot of stream of consciousness Ceroc type dances at the moment and I think it’s doing me good. It’s not beautiful dancing, it’s not Lindy and it’s not very PC to say this but I am enjoying giving men 3 minutes of pleasure.

It’s easy to be part of a clique, dance only with your friends and think about lines, connection and good technique (and I did far too much of this last year). It’s much harder to dance with the guys whose leads are almost hidden by Parkinson’s type tremors, who decide it might be time to dance round the room ballroom style, who stand in one spot and arm lead or who are best described as random. For me, there is an enormous amount of pleasure to be gained from trying to match their style and moves, understand the way they are interpreting the music and adding some (subtle) flavour of my own. It would be easy to out dance them but then it wouldn’t be a partnership and I wouldn’t get that huge smile, high five or huge hug at the end!


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One response to “Stream of consciousness Ceroc?”

  1. Depressive Dancer says :

    That’s such a lovely thing to say. Can we find me a lead who feels like that? 😉

    Actually I feel like people have been really tolerant of my complete inability to dance. At the Meschiya Lake gig at the weekend, a charming young man tried his utter best with me, eventually found the 3 moves I could successfully follow and twined them into various orders and variations to make it all look less agonsing.

    I wonder how many of your happy young men are like me: doing ok in class, but panicking with nerves and forgetting everything the second they hit the social dance floor?

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