Triple steps as variations follow up

Thanks everyone for your comments on my last post. I feel like I have been given one of piece of a jigsaw puzzle but that I’m missing the rest of the pieces and the overall picture. I could be missing out on something fantastic but I don’t have enough information to judge.

The results of trying this in the wild (rather than at an evening dance after a workshop) were really mixed:

  • If the leader is dancing without pulsing then taking out my triple steps it makes me feel like I am doing some sort of zombie dance in which I have had the life sucked out of me – especially on slow tempos.
  • If the leader is dancing with a lot of pulse then taking out the triple is out felt fine but I felt a little bit immobile and stuck especially on slower tempos.
  • On quicker tempos local leaders tend to do some sort of kick step or step step so I didn’t notice much of a difference.
  • I did notice that what my feet do depends far more on the music than what my leader is actually leading. Triple steps are my default to swing music, but if soul track comes on the triples becomes step step with a lot of pulse.
  • I also noticed that I can’t remember the last time I really thought about what my feet were doing at a certain point in the dance!

The trouble with taking random one hour classes from international instructors is that you get ideas thrown at you but there’s usually no time for an instructor to explain why they think you should do something their way and you can’t simply take another class to learn more. Sometimes I get ideas from a class and think ‘yes’, sometimes I can take the ideas and think ok I get what you are saying (and why) I’ll try it but I prefer a different technique/that’s not going to work with local dancers, sometimes ideas totally throw me and this was one of those.

So what next? One night’s social dancing is hardly a through test but I think the idea goes back in the box for a bit until I can make more sense of it/find more use for it.



One response to “Triple steps as variations follow up”

  1. LadyD says :

    That’s really interesting to hear it from someone else. I went to a music playing workshop once and the correct music for the correct dance should have ‘musical’ ‘cues’ in it to tell the dancer what to do.

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