Nantucket sleighride

“A Nantucket sleighride was a term used by Nantucket whalemen to describe what occurs immediately following the harpooning of a whale. The whale, realizing it had been harpooned, would attempt to flee and thus drag the whaleboat along with it. The speed of the “sleigh ride” would vary depending on the species of the whale, with certain species (e.g. humpbacks) giving faster rides. The Sperm Whale was the whale that brought the most thrill, reaching speeds of 23 mph (37 km/h).[1] The resulting thrill ride for the sailors would last as long as the whale could swim before it became exhausted. “

Just heard someone’s following technique described as like going on a Nantucket sleigh ride, i.e. you hold on for dear life whilst you are back lead through various moves until the follower wears herself out….  I really hope my following technique is never described in that way!


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