From the archives: A skat song to end all skat songs

A poem published in the Saturday Evening Post; 12/4/1937, Vol. 210 Issue 23, p28-28.

Songs Everybody Can Sing

I: The Latest Dance

LATEST dance songs—sometimes known as hot, swing, skat, stomp and various other titles—are always with us, and are certainly stimulating to those of us with jazz in our blood. Yeah, man! While the latest of latest dance songs intimate that modern terpsichorean art is a combination of various established steps, we feel—we hope with due modesty—the little number we have worked up covers the ground a little more comprehensively than anything that has yet seen the light of radio dials. In fact, you may even label it “a skat song to end all skat songs.” There will be no extra charge. Any tune will go with this—in fact, the less tune, the better, complying with well-established practice. All ready? Swing it!

It’s the latest thing. It’s sure got swing.
I mean the waltz with the Highland Fling!
Hi-di-hi-di-hü !
See the Charleston go!
So they’re doin’ what?
Why, the Turkey Trot!
You gotta wah-di-wah, you gotta woo-di-ivoo,
Yoii gotta Black Bottom and Suzy-Q!
It’s the Big Apple, the Bunny Hug,
Gotta go to town wild some truckin’, mug!
Oh, biddledy-oop, boop-a-doop-a-doop!
Oh, throw that schottische for a loop!
Gotta one-step fast, gotta two-step slow.
While dat leader man make the trombone blow.
Now skip and skop!
It’s the Lindy Hop!
Now skit and skat, now raz and daz!
Now shake dat foot and hear dat jazz!
Brother, snake-hips! Sister, shag!
While mother does that Varsity Drag!
It’s the new gavotte!
It’s mean! It’s hot!
Oh, eepety-boop-a-becp-a-deep.
Oh, ohpety -* jf x*@! #

Hey, our typewriter’s on fire !



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