Groupon: London sewing – make a 50s-style swing skirt

I have no idea why 50s style swing skirts are so closely associated with the London Lindy scene (I feel a bitchy post coming on) but given this popularity of this 50 s style these classes are going to be of interest to many London dancers! From the Groupon website:

“Getting city fashionistas reacquainted with their sewing machines, London Sewing Workshops stitches up a patchwork of workshops for beginner to intermediate learners seeking some clothing with individuality. The tutoring team run classes for absolute beginners to help them get a handle on their needlework, right through to dressmaking for the more experienced artiste. Keeping crafty in East London’s creative scene, the centre sits a lindy-hop from both Bethnal Green underground and mainline stations.

A three-hour course will see groups of around seven budding tailors taking to the pedal to create a 50s-style swing skirt for dances and sunny days. Guests with no sewing experience whatsoever can convene to learn the basics of straight line and zig-zag stitches, as well as looking at measurements, ruffles and seams before completing their own masterpiece of vintage style. Those with an eye for what they want can bring along three metres of a chosen material, or, for those feeling lucky, a range of pre-cut patterns will be available in sizes 8 to 24.”

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