20 minutes of viewing pleasure: JAZZ DANCE – a Roger Tilton Film

I can’t believe it missed the buzz about this video first time round:

The notes say it was filmed on a Saturday night at the Central Plaza Dance Hall in New York City in 1954. There’s so much to like about this video in addition to the music:

1: Solo dancing at a social dance (scattered throughout the video)

2: It’s a real social dance, with people sitting and drinking, chatting, relaxing, listening and responding to the music and dancing…

3: Hat tricks at 6.59

4: Wonderful follower arm waving at 7.12

5: Cute girl with girl dancing (I’m loving the matching outfits) at 7.27

6: Barefoot dancing at 7.52

7: Couples solo dancing around 11.19

8: People standing on chairs to get a better view of the action 13.21

And best of all,

9: The reaction to the band 14.03 onwards especially when the crowd sing along with the band and follow them in a giant conga line. You can’t beat the energy a live band like this can bring to an event.

See also:

Richard Leacock’s comments about making the film


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3 responses to “20 minutes of viewing pleasure: JAZZ DANCE – a Roger Tilton Film”

  1. LadyD says :

    What an interesting film. It doesn’t feel ‘staged’ at all. At 9.20 love the shoes. Chuckled at the bloke who nearly gets his drinks knocked out his hand by energetic dancer near the beginning.

    • sleepingglitter says :

      Yes, it doesn’t feel staged, although I am sure people were very aware of the cameras. I love the excitement and energy of the whole thing and wish I could go back in time to dance there. London’s lost its regular dance band night and dancing to DJs just isn’t the same.

      • LadyD says :

        I always think in any genre of dance there’s nothing quite like a live band that can feed off the audience.

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