Vagina swivels – Nick Williams

Skip to 2.23 – vagina swivels:


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4 responses to “Vagina swivels – Nick Williams”

  1. dogpossum says :

    This video crapped me for the way he mocks chicks trying to swivel with enthusiasm.

    • sleepingglitter says :

      Yes, I left my post neutral because I couldn’t formulate what I wanted to say. Sure there’s a clip of Frida doing swivels a bit like this in a competition somewhere (perhaps Frida was being ironic but really who cares). I would much rather see someone swivel ‘badly’ with enthusiasm than with modern textbook technique and no personality.

  2. dogpossum says :

    Yeah, and also because There’s some fairly explicit action there. I salute it!

  3. Fieldlander says :

    Ohhh no!!! I’ve never heard that term before. Where can I go to learn about them and how to prevent them?! I don’t like doing swivels as it is… Now I’m even more scared! 😳

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