Rock ‘n’ Roll Britannia

If you are a Londoner, watch this when it comes onto BBC4 again:

(Unfortunately there’s almost no dancing in this clip bar a brief flash 7 mins in)

60 years on and the dancing/dress code is still the same!

If you are a glass is half full type person it’s good to see that your average Londoner’s dancing is still true to its roots. If you’re a glass is half empty type person then you can moan about how the average Londoner’s dancing hasn’t improved at all in the last 60 years!


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One response to “Rock ‘n’ Roll Britannia”

  1. Sara says :

    Lots of dancing in the 2nd one of the series! I hadn’t actually realised there was a sort of second wave of Jazz in the UK, and that New Orleans style was the in thing! Shows how much I know:

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