This is more of a scrapbook than a blog. It’s a place to keep some of the simple, inspiring, flashy or interesting variations that other Lindy Hop followers dance so that when I’m feeling uninspired and bored with my dancing I have a place where I can come to be energized and new things to try.

About me – I dance Lindy Hop and a bit of Balboa in the UK. I’m an intermediate dancer and proud of it. I am the first to admit that there are many problems with my dancing of which actually following must come pretty near the top. I don’t have the time, inclination, determination or body awareness to become an advanced dancer. I do other things and still have non dancing friends.

I dance because I enjoy it. I have no desire to teach, can’t think of many things I would like to do less than perform and have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to learning choreographed moves. It is the social and creative aspects of dancing that appeal to me.

I choose to keep this blog anonymous because I don’t want to have to think too much about what I say and if it is going to upset anyone. I keep this blog for personal reasons and the last thing I want to do is to turn up to a dance and have to justify why I like a particular video.

If you want to get in touch leave a comment. Comments are moderated so your message won’t automatically appear.


2 responses to “About”

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  2. mewtiny says :

    What a treat to find a blog like yours, written by someone with a decent level of commitment to Lindy Hop and who is balancing it with other interests. It’s been fun reading your honest notes to yourself as well, will be checking back

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